Strike Vector beta approaches: high-flying mega-structure indy battle action ahoy

Dec 22, 2013

This week the folks behind the indy-produced aerial combat game Strike Vector have let it be known that an open beta is near ready for release for those that wish to test it. This game has flown under the radar - so to speak - since inception, having gained steam in the headline rings for the amazing feat that was its production primarily. The first 10 months of development were done by just 4 developers, then the follow 5 months saw 15 developers total - now we're about to see one of the most impressive planet-side flight battle games ever made - from the looks of it, at least.

Word from Kotaku's Luke Plunkett is absolutely right: "the game could be just about flying through those megastructures and I'd be happy". There's more than one gameplay video already out, and we're not even in beta mode yet. Note also that this game will be hosted on Steam, making it available to just about everyone.

It's "a new kind of first person shooter", they say, coming in "early 2014 on Steam". You can roll full-speed into the list by emailing Beta at strikevector dot net or you can wait until the full release comes later in the year. Either way, view both the above and the below for some hard-hitting flight shooting action.

You'll also find a collection of wallpaper-sized images from the game below. Tap away and seek the massiveness. As soon as we've got a solid note on when this game is coming to beta for real, you'll be sure to hear from us. Stick around the SlashGear Gaming portal for more through the year!

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