SteriPEN Sidewinder Water Sterilizer Features UV Bulb, LED Indicator, and Hand-Crank

Aug 10, 2010

We can't help but enjoy pieces of tech out there that showcase some aspects of current generation technology, but then throw in a curve ball by including something a bit more "old-school." And, when it comes to old-school, a hand-crank is pretty much as old as it gets. In the case of SteriPEN's Sidewinder water sterilizer, it does make sure that you'll be able to keep your water safe to drink, no matter where you are. No need to worry about that power outlet or faucet. So that's a bonus.

The Sidewinder does have two features that may not be groundbreaking, but at least they won't make you look like a cave person. And while sterilizing water may not be the most difficult thing in the world, having a means to boil your water quickly may not always be that easy -- and you may have forgotten your iodine pills at home. That's where the Sidewinder comes in. Featuring a UV bulb to attack all those nasty germs that you don't want to consume, and an LED indicator on the front that will illuminate green once your water is good to go, the device should be enough to make sure that your water is drinkable.

As for that bit of old-school. Well, that comes in the way you activate that UV bulb. Thanks to the handy-dandy hand-crank on the side, you'll be able to sanitize your water wherever you go. As long as the bulb doesn't die on you, or you break it when you inevitably drop the device from your mountain climbing excursion. The SteriPEN Sidewinder will be available in stores coming up in September of this year, and you'll only have to drop $99.95 to get your hands on it.

[via GearLog]

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