Stem Innovation debuts TimeCommand alarm clock dock for Apple gear

Dec 9, 2010

There are gobs of accessories on the market today for iPads and iPhone as well as all the other iPod models that Apple pushes. With the raging popularity we are allows seeing new accessories for the line of music devices surface. A company called Stem Innovation has launched with a new accessory for your iPhone/iPod/iPad called TimeCommand.

The clock is made to sit at your bedside and is round rather than the rectangle that I have seen from everyone else. The round design is cool. It also has some interesting features like the ability to control the lamp you have at the side of your bed and wake you by light. You plug your normal lamp in and the clock will act as a dimmer and wake you with the light from the lamp and your own music.

The clock dock can also turn the light off for you when you go to sleep. The clock has an app that lets you customize dual alarms for waking and has snooze controls and more. The audio is tuned using Sonic iQ tech and the curved LED on the front gives more viewing options. The docking connector pivots and promises to fit devices with cases installed. The device is only in Apple Retail Stores right now for $99.95 and will be offered for sale online soon.

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