Star Wars Wampa Rug is perfect for in front of the fireplace

Oct 6, 2010

Yep, ThinkGeek is my favorite store in the history of stores. I just mentioned that cool C-3PO backpack that will hold an iPad. ThinkGeek also has a sweet Star Wars Wampa Rug that you can toss in front of the fireplace. Geeks don't need no stinkin' bearskin rug. The beast has both his arms so he isn’t the one Luke whacked an arm off of.

The head of the Wampa is plush and the faux fur is soft. The claws are covered in black vinyl and the rug has a non-slip backing so you don’t crack your head open slipping on the thing. Like the C-3PO backpack, the Wampa rug is a licensed Lucasfilm collectable.

In addition to being cool, this proves that Lucasfilm does actually make some good decisions on licensing collectables. The rug measures 62" long and 30" wide. Halloween is coming up guys, a nice fire, your best girl in her Jaba the Hut Slave Leia costume, and this rug could make for one fantastic night.

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