Spykee WiFi Erector Robot Video Demo

Sep 24, 2008
Spykee WiFi Erector Robot Video Demo

The first user videos of the Meccano Spykee WiFi robot are beginning to emerge, demonstrating the open-source 'bot in action.  Courtesy of Sven comes this first clip, a full demo of Spykee in its constituent parts, then assembled and terrorizing some children.  He also shows the internet interface, through which you can control Spykee from anywhere with a network connection.

Spykee can operate as a webcam, as a VoIP phone or as a mobile media player courtesy of built-in speakers.  It can automatically track movement and take photos, emailing them to a preset address, and automatically locate and return to its recharging dock when low on power.

The robot is currently available to preorder in the US, priced at around $299.99, with shipping expected on October 15th.  WowWee's version of a mobile webcam, the Rovio, is released this week.  It's the same price, but lacks compatibility with Erector/Meccano construction sets.

[Thanks Robert!]

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