Sprint and Walmart launch Common Cents prepaid wireless

May 13, 2010
Sprint and Walmart launch Common Cents prepaid wireless

Sprint feels the noose slowly starting to tighten as it bleeds subscribers at a startling rate. The company is looking for anything to stem the subscriber losses and has announced a new prepaid wireless program that will be exclusively sold through Walmart locations called Common Cents Mobile.

The big features of the plan are 7-cent text messages and 7-cent per minute mobile calls with minutes that round down. That means if you are on a call for a 1 minute and 46 seconds you are only hit for a minute of charges. The 7-cents per text message price still seems expensive, my wife could blow through a huge amount of money in a month with that pricing.

The handsets offered with the plan are basic devices with voice mail, texting, and calling for customers concerned about cost. Examples are the LG101 at $19.77 and the Samsung M340 at $39.77. Prepaid cards for the plan sell for $20 for a refill card with 30 days of service and 565 voice minute or for $30 you get 60 days of service and 848 minutes of talk. Unlimited messaging can be added for another $20 monthly.

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