Speck offers special edition holiday cases for iPhone

Nov 18, 2010

If you are the festive type, I bet you already have decorations up for Christmas and the dogs barking jingle bells ring tone is on your phone already. What you need to really get ready for the holidays is a decoration for your iPhone.

Speck has a special line of holiday iPhone cases that will fit the iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPhone 4. The cases are from the CandyShell line and you can get them in mistletoe green with Santa for all three iPhone models, poinsettia red with a snowman on the 3G/3GS only, or CherryIce blue with a snowman for the iPhone 4.

Each of the special cases is $29.99 and can be ordered up right now. Other than the special Christmas, designs the cases are run of the mill CandyShell offerings with protection from drops and scratches.

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