Speakal outs new SBPKX-100 and SB 12 iPod/iPhone docks

Jan 5, 2011

Speakal is typically associated with some strange docks for the iPhone that look like animals or balls. At CES 2011, the company has pulled the wraps off a few new iPhone docks that are very normal looking. The new docks include the SBPKX-100 and the SB 12 and several others.

The KX-100 is a dock offered in silver, red, and blue with LED lighting and high quality audio. The device has DSP processing and features an AM/FM alarm clock and 20 pre-set stations. The clock on the dock automatically syncs with the time on your iPhone and the dock is powered by a wall outlet normally with a battery backup with AAs for portable use.

The SB 12 is a round speaker system that has a round design and touch controls. A few other docks were debuted as well with the long and flat iExecutive and the Kurve. Speakal also has the SB5 with 27W of power and the wild looks that I expect to see for Speakal.

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