Space Shuttle Columbia part found in drought parched lake in East Texas

Aug 3, 2011

There are few key moments in life that I will always remember. Things like the birth of my kids, my wedding day, and a few others. Some of the days I will never forget aren’t good things though. I will always remember where I was when the Space shuttle Challenger blew up and I will always remember where I was when the Columbia blew up. In fact, I live in the area of East Texas where much of the debris from the shuttle was found.

The drought in this area and the very high temperatures have made most of the lakes in the area shrivel to a fraction of their previous size. This isn't a good thing for the area, but the drought has helped in one aspect. A new piece of the Space Shuttle Columbia has been found in one of the lakes that have shriveled due to lack of rain and high temperatures.

The piece is described as a four-foot diameter tank that provided power and water for shuttle missions. NASA has confirmed that the part indeed belonged to the Columbia. The shuttle part was found in a lake in the city of Nacogdoches. NASA has not yet determined if it will send people to recovered the part or allow local authorities to do it. Columbia exploded entering the atmosphere after its mission in 2003.

[via CNN]

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