Space Bar hides your ugly keyboard and adds USB ports

Jan 20, 2010

No the Space Bar isn’t the latest thing that the Russian space administration is using to lure rich people to the ISS. It's also not an Apple accessory despite the very Apple styling. The thing is designed to add USB ports and hide your ugly keyboard.

The device is long enough to hide a keyboard measuring 18-inches long and 1.5-inches high. If you use a gaming keyboard, it probably won’t fit. The odd little gadget was developed by the Quirky community and can be purchased for $42 in a three pack.

I wish they had made the thing a bit wider and sturdy enough to sit my LCD on. It would make a snazzy monitor riser. It sports six USB ports and generally looks pretty cool. I personally fail to see the point of hiding a keyboard, but that's just me.

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