Sources tip first glimpse at Elder Scrolls Online is a few months away

Mar 16, 2012

If you're a big fan of games in the Elder Scrolls universe such as Oblivion and the new Skyrim title, I would bet you been very intrigued at the thought of The Elder Scrolls Online, which has been talked about a bit. According to sources, Bethesda will offer gamers the very first look at the online MMO game in a few months. That's hardly a firm date, but enough to get fans excited, nonetheless.

If you fear that the dawn of an online version of the Elder Scrolls universe will spell the end of the single-player games that are so insanely popular I think the odds of that happening are nil. Bethesda is making boatloads of cash off Skyrim, and I'd wager the next single player installment is in the works right now. Speculation is that the online title will be set about 1000 years before Skyrim's events.

I'm really torn on MMO games. I played a number of them over the years, including WoW, and have never been that excited about the thought of playing with and against other people in a RP title. That said, I have enjoyed Star Wars: The Old Republic lately until my gaming time was consumed with Mass Effect 3. Do you like the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMORPG?

[via Gamespy]

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