Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset gets its own iPhone App

May 25, 2010

There are so many Bluetooth headsets and hands free kits on the market today that it's overwhelming if you are in the market. More are added each day, but it is good to have choices. Sound ID has announced a new headset called the Sound ID 510.

The maker claims that the device is the first Bluetooth headset with its own iPhone app. The headset will work with any phone that uses Bluetooth 2.0 and higher. The iPhone app lets you customize the sound settings for the headset and is called EarPrint.

The volume control is touch sensitive and turns up and down when the user runs their finger over the adjustment area. Battery life is promised to be up to five hours of talk time, and the device can be paired with two Bluetooth phones at one time. The headset has noise reduction modes for improved call quality. The Sound ID 510 will ship on June 6.

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