Sony SRS-V500IP travel mug speaker system arrives in US

Aug 30, 2010

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a combination cup-holder and iPod dock, but in actual fact the Sony SRS-V500IP gives speakers a travel-mug style update.  Inside lurks the company's 360-degree "Circle Sound Stage" system, promising to spread the audio from the 16W stereo speakers so that everyone around you can enjoy it, while the "mug" itself can be removed and used with an in-car power adapter, slotting neatly into a cupholder.

When used at home with the bundled dock, you get an iPod/iPhone cradle together with a 3.5mm stereo audio input for non-Apple PMPs.  There's also a remote control which can switch between the two inputs as well as handle volume duties.

Usually Japan-only, the Sony SRS-V500IP is available in the US through AudioCubes priced at $239.99.

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