Sony reveals XPERIA lineup with James Bond in tow

Aug 29, 2012
Sony reveals XPERIA lineup with James Bond in tow

Four XPERIA devices were revealed this week by Sony in quick succession - an XPERIA Tablet S and three smartphone XPERIA V and J, with the hero T appearing in no less than Skyfall. This week Sony's IFA 2012 press conference began with Kazuo Hirai speaking on how Sony aims to "Inspire and Fulfill" consumers around the world - moving people emotionally as they do so. This event also had Sony's European President in attendance - with a broken leg, perfect for the phrase "break a leg" for good luck. Hirai continued speaking on how Sony would be working on pushing forward mobile and gaming - and the two together at once, as well.

XPERIA T is a smartphone that brings a 4.6 inch display connected to a 16 megapixel camera with an instant sleep to snap functionality. This device is connected to a one-touch function that works with NFC to enable connections in a moment. This device will also be working with Music Unlimited with a 60 day free trial. This device will also be coming with a new service called "Access" with Music Unlimited for your music anywhere.

The Sony XPERIA V and J will be popping up with slightly less-fabulous specifications at smaller prices later this year as well. And the best item of all: entertainment inclusion. The brand new action movie Skyfall will be popping up - James Bond, specifically - with the Sony XPERIA T in his hand. Have a peek at our Sony portal and check out the rest of our IFA 2012 action all week.

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