Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 160GB Model, 320GB Move Bundle Releasing This Fall

Aug 17, 2010

There had been a few grumblings going around that Sony's PS3 Slim was about to get some changes to the Hard Drive variants. And while GameStop independently confirmed this for a little while, those ads were quickly pulled. But the rumors didn't stop. And good thing, too -- considering that they turned out to be true. Sony has just announced that there will not only be a 160GB model, but also a 320GB Move bundle coming to market this Fall.

The 160GB model will only be your standard issue. Meaning, you won't be seeing any extra goodies in the box -- at least, not at the start. And if you're interesting in picking one up, you can actually find them somewhere in the United States (probably your favorite electronics retailer) for only $299.99. If you find yourself in Europe, you'll be able to get your hands on one for about 299 Euros, beginning in October.

But, the 320GB Move bundle is where all the attention is. That's due out September 19th in the United States, and September 15h in the European regions. It will cost $399, or 349 Euros, and it will come with one console, one controller, and the title Sports Champions. Anyone out there itching to get their hands on Move?

[via Kotaku]

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