Sony Mylo All In One Media Player With WiFi, Skype, Browser and Messaging

Aug 7, 2006

The Sony Mylo came out of nowhere, and thanks to Brian Lam of Gizmodo for giving up his spleen just so we can get a first glimpse of the device. The media player supports MPEG-4, digital audio, and pictures. It also features WiFi connection and a QWERTY keyboard, which is great for instant messaging via Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger (Sorry, no support for AIM). You can use Mylo as a wireless Skype phone or browse the web using Opera browser. It’s a shame that Mylo doesn’t offer cellular connectivity but the open standard is a breath of fresh air.

The Mylo has 1GB of flash memory as well as a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot. The screen size is 2.4-inch LCD featuring 320 by 240 pixels. There’s no mentioning of battery life. The retail price is $350 and its expected to arrive in September.

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