Some college Students lose sleep and don’t eat to spend time playing MMORPG games

Dec 20, 2010

Any gamer can tell you that playing a cool video game can become something that you arrange your day to accommodate. Most of us can handle the desire to play our favorite games with the need to do other things like see friends and family and take care of real world duties. Other gamers can't break themselves away from a game to do that.

A student named Sabrina Neu from the University of the Rockies wrote her doctoral dissertation to get her psychology degree on the relationship between demographics and other factors and the playing of MMORPG games. According to the paper, 42% of college students say that online gaming has interfered with work or academics.

However, her study also found that there were some benefits to online gaming. Neu said, "Players cite social opportunities as a primary reason for play. Players can overcome shyness, actualize previously untapped talents, mentor other players, free themselves from physical disabilities, develop a sense of purpose and achievement and engage in altruistic, heroic and generous acts."

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