Sneak peek at the drums for Rock Band

Jun 24, 2007
Sneak peek at the drums for Rock Band

Looking forward to Rock Band? Join the crowd, we're pretty excited about it around here. We've already gotten a peek at the Fender Stat that we'll be rocking on, but what will the drummer be playing? Now we've got a pretty good idea.

I can't confirm, but I believe that the above picture was from a recent issue of Game Informer magazine. The kit looks pretty basic, and although the picture only shows 3 pads, it looks like they cut off one for space in the article.

That is only the artist's rendering of the prototype that he played. It's not that I don't trust the artist that made this pic, but it was produced from memory of a prototype, so don't be surprised if the kit doesn't look exactly like the one here. Though I suspect it will be very similar.

Rock Band DRUMS! [via vixdiesel]

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