Snails, nails, and puppy dog tails, that’s what the iPhone is made of

Nov 9, 2010

A new design concept has popped up over at Yanko Design that is cute and a bit gross at the same time. It looks like a lopped off puppy dog tail that is used to stand the iPhone 4 up so you can get your video fix or do some FaceTime calls. The official name of the product is Mobile Tail.

It would come in a variety of colors and was designed by Sangwoo Park & Jongwon Park. The design is basic with a curved piece of plastic attached to a suction cup that you can stick to the back of your iPhone.

The super sucky suction cup is supposed to be able to stick to just about any surface and the tail is made from liquid silicone rubber. I can see this thing actually being built and selling well. It would be the perfect accessory for Cruella de Vil. One of the best features is the packaging.

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