SmartQ T7 and T7-3G Android tablets promised for China

Jul 14, 2010

SmartDevices has unveiled a pair of new Android 2.1 tablets, with the SmartQ T7 and its T7-3G cellular-wireless enabled sibling each packing WiFi and a 720MHz ARM11 processor that the company reckons is good enough to handle 1080p HD video.  The two new slates each have a 4,700MHz battery - SmartDevices aren't saying how long that's expected to last - and a 7-inch touchscreen.

No pricing for the SmartQ T7 right now, but SmartDevices has confirmed that the CDMA EVDO version of the SmartQ T7-3G will be 1,880 Yuan ($278) while the WCDMA SmartQ T7-3G will be 1,980 Yuan ($292).  We don't yet know if there'll be a launch outside of China, nor indeed when the Chinese release itself will take place.

[via Android Community and via iTechNewsNet]

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