SlingCatcher finally shipping

Oct 9, 2008
SlingCatcher finally shipping

Sling Media's SlingCatcher is finally shipping, available from the company's own online store as well as other retailers.  The box connects to a TV and allows streamed content from a SlingBox or SlingProjector-enabled computer to be played; Sling Media also intend to launch a premium content delivery service called

The first examples of the device were unboxed earlier this week; resembling much of the rest of Sling Media's range, it has HDMI, component, composite and USB ports.  Unfortunately the SlingCatcher is unable to play back high-definition 1080i video content from the SlingBox PRO-HD at present, which will only be enabled in a future firmware update.

The SlingCatcher is available now, priced at $299.99.  The launch of the device also means that the SlingProjector software is now available to download.

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