SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 6th, 2012

Jul 6, 2012

This morning it's time to get real with HTC, as their not so fabulous Q2 profit report is reacted to by our own Chris Davies in a column by the name of HTC's Precipice Moment. In completely unrelated news, Microsoft will be releasing a Halo 4 Xbox 360 sometime in the future and it's high time we started printing blood vessels.

You'll be interested to know that the box floating around your Piccsy screen is not a gigantic USB stick, it's a Ouya Android device, made to be a game streaming box for just $99 on kickstarter - see it soon! Watch out for the framers out there looking to make Android look bad with Malware Botnet like you've never seen before.

You will also be having a fabulous time working with the Quad GeForce GTX 690 server - a blast of power from all sides! Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no Windows Home Server for the Windows 8 generation.

Samsung is doing quite a bit better this past quarter than HTC has done.

NASA is showing off some brand new images of Mars. The folks at Blue have released a brand new Tiki USB mic that's out at Best Buy today - and be sure to check out their new setup at the big box stores that are left as well! Nokia has released their until-now-secretive Batman: Dark Knight Rises 3D Gotham map. And of course, don't forget the Amazon Kindle Phone - also very possibly coming soon, too.

BONUS: keep up to date on the newest blockbuster action, adventure, super-hero film on the block: The Amazing Spider-Man with our interviews and features galore - check em all in the timeline below and stay tuned for more this and next week!

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