SlashGear Guns N’ Roses feud reportedly turns nasty

Jan 24, 2010

Here at SlashGear we try to keep our celebrity feuds to a bare minimum, and certainly not expose readers to the mayhem going on behind the scenes, but sometimes news slips through the net.  It came as some surprise, though, to see TMZ reporting that we'd been banned from a Guns N' Roses concert in Canada this week, thanks to an ongoing feud with Axl Rose.

Of course, we know we're not the Slash in question; the real story - which turned out to be fake - was that Axl Rose was demanding Guns N' Roses fans take off any Slash-themed clothing before they went in for the concert.  Still, we'll have some words to say to the GNR crew if we catch up with them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month...

[Thanks Wayne!]

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