SlashGear Giveaway Update: Slingbox AV Prize-Winner’s Review

Jan 2, 2007

If there's something we love here on SlashGear, it's happy prize-winners. Remember our Slingbox giveaway last year? Well, one of the winners - Kerry Woo - has taken the time to review the Slingbox AV that dropped through his letter-box. Is he happy? You bet he is!

From the classy box design to the straightforward setup (thanks to a handy WiFi Game Adaptor), all the way to his streaming-TV excitement, Kerry seems decidedly happy with his new toy. We're hoping to get another giveaway going sometime soon, so keep watching SlashGear and you could be a chuffed as Mr Woo!

Slingbox AV prize

Review of SlingMedia's Slingbox AV [WonderDawg]

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