Skylifter balloon is designed to transport heavy equipment to remote areas

Oct 4, 2010

Getting heavy equipment into remote areas is apparently a challenge. This is understandable when you consider that there are no roads to drive stuff on in remote areas. You can hook up a helicopter, but even the most powerful are still limited in capacity.

A company from Australia called Skylifter has unveiled a new disc shaped balloon that is specifically designed to lift heavy gear into the air and carry it to remote locations. The balloon is 150-meters wide and could carry up to 150 tons. The most powerful helicopter is only capable of 20 tons.

The balloon would have a flight range of 1240 miles and would act like a parachute on decent to make a gentle touchdown. A mini RC version of the balloon is now being tested and is three meters across. It can carry half a kilo of weight with a full-size prototype set to start building over the coming three years.

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