Security firm to reveal ATM “jackpotting” exploit at Black Hat Conference

Jun 28, 2010

I don’t get the companies that call themselves security firms and then spend all their time looking for hacks and exploits that they can share at conferences before making the companies owning the equipment they are hacking aware of the problem. The Black Hat Security Conference is set to start in Vegas soon.

At the conference, this year a person named Barnaby Jack will be showing off an exploit to ATMs at banks that his security firm IOActive Labs discovered. The hack allows for "jackpotting" which causes the ATM to spit out all its money.

This is no surprise to some considering how insecure many computers are and ATMs and other machines are often just computers in a fancy case. Black Hat Conference founder Jeff Moss said, "You want everybody to know there are possible ways to jackpot these machines, so they will go and get their machines updated."

via Reuters

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