What a week! While a few of us on the R3 crew were rolling around in different parts of the world that weren't Vegas, the bulk were rolling hard at CES 2011! The Consumer Electronics Show had blasts of this, slips of that, and a wacky array of stories and happenings that shall forever go down in the history books as a CES to be clicked with! How ever in the world will we organize all of this information? How about one big monster of a list of links, for starters? Who could we call for such a tast, hm? So much exclusive content, so much time time - I know! The Daily Slash! Get one of the biggest heaping helpings you've ever seen, below!

This isn't the first and it isn't going to be the last roundup post of CES news and info for this season. It's one big thwack. Comb with me, if you will, through the content and devour the ingredients. Joy! PREVIEW: my favorite is the Notion Ink Adam hands-on at CES 2011 - wowie!

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