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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 32 2008

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 32 2008

The fight got dirty in the netbook arena this week, as Monday saw VIA's Nano CPU take on Intel's Atom with a 1080p smack-down video only to become mired in controversy when bloggers ran the tests themselves and came up with wildly different outcomes.  Still, we had Lenovo's finally-official IdeaPad S10 and S9 to cheer us up, together with the rumor that Gigabyte plan a 10-inch dual-core version of the coveted M912 tablet-netbook. 

Of course, ASUS couldn't bear to be out of the headlines for a single minute, and so announced the S101 (the size of an Eee, the branding of an Eee, but it's not an Eee) together with a cloud storage option.  Netbooks are so much the niche of the moment that this week's "He Said, She Said" editorial was all about whether the best value comes from there or from a second-hand laptop off of eBay.

Week In Review 08/27/2006

Week In Review 08/27/2006

I love the button-less Onyx-concept phone announced by Synaptic and Pilotfish. The Microsoft Zune turned up on FCC website as "Toshiba 1098" while the highly anticipated, RAZR-thin Blackberry Pearl 8100’s specs was revealed for all to read. Canon’s new EOS Digital Rebal XTi, ASUS R2H, TiVo Series 3, and Apple’s Sony-made battery recalltwo scoops on the Palm's soon to be announced antennae-less Treo Lennon 750.
were made official. I was most proud of the

Sansa e280 is World’s Largest Capacity Flash Memory MP3 Player : Monday

FCC Approves HTC Excalibur, Samsung announced 8GB music phone : Tuesday

HD DVD 2.0 Firmware Getting Released Today: Wednesday

Canon EOS 400D Specs, Linux-based HandyPC S101 Caught in the Wild! : Thursday

The Most Affordable Vertu Fashion Phone : Friday

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