Scosche tosses hoards of Galaxy Tab accessories onto market

Nov 12, 2010

Scosche is an accessory maker extraordinaire and has things for just about any cool gadget you can think of, especially if it is Apple branded. Apple gear isn’t all that the company supports though. Scosche has tossed a case for just about every geek want and need onto the market for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The cases range from the $44.99 folIO case in different textures like leather or carbon fiber to simple silicone sleeves in all sorts of bright colors for $24.99. Scosche also has privacy films for the screen and screen protectors to keep scratches at bay.

Those screen films sell for $19.99 in clear or anti-glare satin and the privacy film is $39.99. Scosche's goBat, revive II car charger, and revive II dual USB home charger are all usable with the Galaxy Tab as well. You can order up the accessories right now.

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