Scosche sneakPEEK II switchable component cable for iPad and iPhone launches

Oct 8, 2010

Scosche has added a new product to its bag of tricks for the iPhone and the iPad today called the sneakPEEK II Switchable Component and Composite A/V cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. That name is seriously long, but the thing offers a cool way to connect your beloved Apple gear to TVs that support HD inputs and those that don’t.

The cable is shipping right now for $59.99 and has the standard Apple docking connector on one end and six RCA jacks on the other for you to use for whatever connectivity method floats your boat. As you can figure out on your own, the cable will support any Apple gadget that has a standard docking port on the bottom.

The docking connector also has a little micro USB port on it so that you can plug in an included USB AC adapter allowing you to play content back on your TV while you charge your device. This will be perfect for streaming some Netflix to your TV or using Hulu Plus.

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