Scientists use powerful laser to create clouds over Germany

May 3, 2010

Anytime a story involves laser beams you have my attention, and I make that weird little Dr. Evil hand gesture at the corner of my mouth. Scientists in Germany have devised a new method of creating clouds using ultra short and powerful laser pulses. The team has so far succeeded in creating clouds in a test chamber in the lab and in the skies over Berlin, Germany.

The new method uses a laser pulse lasting 60 femtoseconds with a power rating of 22-millijoules. The scientists say that is a power output equivalent to 1000 power plants.

The clouds are created in the wake of the high-power laser pulse similar to a jet contrail. The scientists are hoping that the discovery might lead to the ability to create rain when it is needed in drought conditions. All you need to do to get rain in your area is fly me and my car in, if I wash the car it rains. Sadly, there are no sharks involved in the process the scientists have invented.

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