SayType may or may not effectively translate speech to text on your phone

Dec 31, 2008

We have all run into the text while you drive drivers on the freeway that just don’t seem to see where the lines are. I must admit that I have been that person a time or two, but some of these people might as well be watching TV or reading the newspaper while driving.

Luckily for us SayType aims to end this problem with their voice to text services. The service allows you to compose text messages or email without even touching your device.  Just sign up for this service, phone the company and you have 120 second to say what you need to say. But just how well does this service work?

Say you mess up a message and it gets sent, your more than likely going to grab your phone and try to right any wrongdoings that have been done. Long story short, you’re all over the road as much if not more than you were originally. Of course this is going to cost you a monthly subscription fee. You will have to drop $14.95 for email services OR text services. Spending $180 a year I would have to have some really solid evidence that this service does as well as they claim. We want to know how well you thnk it works.

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