Say hello to the Wand, Nyko’s challenger to the Wiimote

Jan 8, 2009

Nyko has been working at building a better Wiimote, and the result of that effort is on display at CES.  The Wand, as it's called, offers a feature that Nintendo's own Wii remote fails to deliver - force feedback and Wiimote button control through attachments.

As shown here by their pistol attachment, the Wand is able to snap in and act as the gun's barrel.  The entire rest of the gun, not just the remote, is able to deliver force feedback due to the Wand's ability to transmit electrical signals to attachments.  The trigger can also act as one of the Wiimote buttons - the B button, for example.

The Nyko wand is expected to land in stores sometime this April.  No price has been announced.

[via Kotaku]

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