Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand packs USB ports and headphone/mic ports

Feb 20, 2014

When it comes to working comfortably on a computer, people are willing to spend some big money for keyboards, mice, and other peripherals that are comfortable and easy to use. One of the things that many people want for more comfort is a stand to get the monitor of their computer up higher so they don't have to look down. Satechi has a new monitor stand that is called the F1 Smart Monitor Stand.

This is more than a simple platform to sit your screen on. The F1 Smart Monitor Stand is durable enough to hold big screens up to 22 pounds in weight. The F1 measures 21.7" x 9.1" x 1.0" and weighs 2.4 pounds.


In addition to holding your screen up higher for more comfort, it also has a number of ports for expansion to make using the computer easier. The F1 features four USB 2.0 ports in the front for connecting of flash drives and other small accessories.

Ports are on the front of the F1 for connecting your headphones or mic for video or voice calls. The F1 stand also ships with the cables needed to connect the audio jacks to your computer. Rubber pads on the aluminum legs to prevent the F1 from moving around and scratching your desk. The F1 will sell for $39.99 and is available now.

SOURCE: Satechi

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