Sanus Unveils ELM410 HDMI cable with 180-degree connector

Jan 5, 2010

Wall mounting a flat screen HDTV looks cool, but it presents certain challenges in many instances. The first is how to mount the TV securely and in a way that you can see the picture ideally. The other is how to get your HDMI and power cables ran to the TV.

The HDMI cables on the market today often have large end connectors that can be hard to connect behind TVs that are wall mounted because of the space between the wall and the TV. Sanus has unveiled a new line of HDMI cables that come in 10-foot and 5-foot lengths.

The cool feature of the cables is that one end of the cable has a connector that flips up and down 180-degrees making an elbow allowing for clearance in tight spaces. The cables support HDMI 1.3b and full 1080p images along with up to 16-bit color. The cables will be available via Best Buy and other retail outlets.

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