Samsung Releases New Wifi Smartphone

Oct 23, 2006
Samsung Releases New Wifi Smartphone

Hot off the floor of the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung and Korean cordless phone maker Eidicom just released a new Wifi/VoIP smartphone. The "EW-700," while a little clunky in style, runs Samsung's latest Post-PC mobile multimedia processor and comes with all the goodies like a web browser, IM, mp3 & video player and a 2-megapixel camera. Now if only more cities went entirely wireless, I could just Skype it like some of my overseas friends.

The Samsung "EW-700" Wifi Smart Phone Running Windows Media Player

A few more specs and a lot more pictures after the jump...

Features include:



*Web browser

*Instant messenger

*mp3 player

*Movie player

*Removable USB storage

*Infrared communication

*2M camera and camcorder function

*Voice recorder

*Outlook data sync

*probably a few more things, but I can't read Korean... :)

First reported at Aving USA on October 23, 2006.

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