Samsung Planning to Launch New and Unbreakable Plastic AMOLED Panels in 2 Years

Jul 19, 2010

AMOLED is one of the hottest display types out there, so much so that some handsets out there you can't even buy because they're selling faster than Samsung can manufacture them (you know, after they've already produced their own products). But, Samsung already has plans on making them better. How's unbreakable sound? Oh, and more valuable for manufacturers, too.

Samsung Mobile Display is in the planning stage of developing AMOLED displays that are unbreakable, and they're planning on doing this by switching the AMOLED panels to plastic on the universal board. They're doing this by placing the TFT (Thin Film Transistor) on the planstic panel, and then replace the existing vinyl protection sheet with polyimide film. This will hopefully reduce residue as the light is emitted.

Of course, it's just one more thing that the mobile industry will start craving, and demand more of, so hopefully Samsung's plans to get this off the ground and running within 2 years means they'll have enough to go around for everyone. We really would actually like to hold the smartphones we buy. But, that could just be us.

[via; thanks Erik!]

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