Samsung outs new green memory with advanced chip stacking tech

Dec 7, 2010

Samsung has announced that it has developed a new 8GB memory module with registered dual inline memory module RDIMM design using green DDR3 DRAM. The new RAM has been tested by major Samsung customers and delivers better performance thanks to innovative 3D chip stacking tech.

The new chip-stacking tech is called "through silicon via" or TSV. The big benefit of the new green memory is that the 3D TSV tech allows the memory to save up to 40% of the power consumed by conventional RDIMM. The new RAM is expected to allow for a dramatic improvement in memory chip density.

The DRAM will let the end user raise the memory density in server systems by 50% and improve performance at the same time. Samsung expects the 3D TSV tech to be adapted widely in 2012 and will apply the technology to memory for other markets as well.

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