Samsung Mobile Displays doubles AMOLED life and improves efficiency

Jul 1, 2010

Samsung Mobile Displays (SMD) has announced that it is working on improving the performance of AMOLED panels and the efficiency of the panels significantly. The improvements will take the white efficiency of the displays from the 20cd/A level currently to 40cd/A.

At the same time, the lifespan of the AMOLED screens will go from 50k hours to 100k hours and power consumption levels will drop from 62W to under 30W in the near future reports SMD is also working on new methods that will overcome the large size limitations of the current FMM production method.

The substrate size used in the new production line that will bring these improvements will use a larger size of 5.5 compared to the current 4. This will allow more panels to be made from one substrate and allow for larger screen sizes. The new production line is expected to launch in Q1 2011.

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