Samsung launches new Class 10 microSDHC cards for 4G smartphones

Jun 30, 2011

If you have a 4G smartphone and happen to live in a 4G coverage area you are very lucky. You get to enjoy the blazing fast 4G speeds that the rest of us wish for. I would be happy right now with a 3G network that was faster than dial up. If you have a fast new 4G phone the last thing you need is a microSD card that is slow and holds up your device when reading or writing data to and from the memory card.

Samsung has a new high-performance memory card that it is aiming directly at in the users of high-end 4G smartphones and other devices. The new memory cards are built using 20nm class technology and have a class 10 speed rating making them suited for streaming HD video. Samsung offers the microSD cards in 32GB capacity. According to Samsung, the cards are good for up to 12MB/s write speeds and up to 24MB/s reads.

Those speeds are better than twice as fast as a class 4 microSD card. The 32GB cards use 32Gb 3-but NAND flash memory chips and exclusive 3-bit NAND controller from Samsung. Samsung doesn't say exactly when the cards will ship or how much they will be. The newest and fastest is rarely cheap though.

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