Samsung in production with 30nm 3-bit MLC NAND Chips

Dec 1, 2009

Like most things in the computer and technology industry, the smaller the scale NAND chips are built on the less power and more performance the chips offer. Samsung has announced that it has become the industry's first company to go into production with 30nm, 3-bit, MLC NAND chips.

Production of the chips started at the end of November and Samsung reports that the new chips will be used in NAND flash modules and paired with exclusive Samsung 3-bit NAND controllers to produce 8GB microSD cards.

Samsung claims that the 3-bit MLC chips increase the efficiency of data storage by 50% over the 2-bit MLC ships common today. The chips will also be used in flash drives in addition to the range of microSD cards. Samsung offers no time frame for expecting products using the new NAND to reach market.

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