Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 rendering leaks online

Sep 2, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 rendering leaks online

The screens on smartphones have gotten bigger and bigger over the years and tablets are following the same path. For a while, the typical tablet had a screen around 10-inches. It wasn't long before smaller tablets were unveiled and there are some tablets with screens larger than 10-inches on the market today. A rendering of a tablet claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 has leaked online.

As you can probably figure out, the 12.2 in the product name hints that it has a 12.2-inch display. If true, it would make for an impressive tablet for movie watching, but might make a rather bulky device to take with you on the go. Sources claim that the device will carry model number SM-P900 and is set to be released in the second half of 2013.

The tablet is tipped to be S Pen-enabled and run the Android operating system, as you would expect from anything in the Galaxy line. The rendering shows a big-screen device with a physical home button along with a couple of virtual buttons for other functionality. Perhaps the most interesting part of this rumored tablet comes with the screen resolution.

The tablet is tipped for a resolution of 2560 x 1600. That resolution is typically reserved for massive 30-inch desktop displays. We are taking this with a grain of salt for now considering that it's a rendering of the device and not an actual photo. However, Samsung has been rumored to be working on a large 12-inch tablet in the past so were not ready to call BS just yet. Perhaps the official announcement for this tablet will come this week during IFA.

SOURCE: Android Community

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