Samsung and Ambarella from ASIC collaboration for hybrid camera SOCs

Dec 9, 2010

Samsung and Ambarella have announced that they have formed a collaboration that will have the two firms developing camera SOCs for smartphones and other devices that offer lots of features and resolution. The new SOC is called the Ambarella A7 hybrid Soc and it uses Samsung's 45nm low power process technology.

The resulting SOC is made on the Samsung's S Line Fab for Ambarella and uses Samsung verified IPs like the ARM1136 and embedded SDRAM blocks. Ambarella also used the Samsung turn-key manufacturing, test, and packaging service to reduce development and production time.

The hybrid SOC is capable of full 1080p60 or 4Mp30 H.264 resolution video recording. Those are the highest resolutions available for consumer cameras right now. The Soc can capture 500Mpixels/second for smooth slow-motion playback. The camera SOC also supports HDR and high-ISO speed. Products that will use the new SOC have not been announced at this time.

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