Samsung 30-inch DisplayPort unveiled – High resolution LCD TV

Jul 25, 2007

Samsung unveiled the first 30-inch LCD TV that support a resolution of 2560 x 1600 by using its new technology called DisplayPort video interface. By providing data transfer at 10.8Gbps, the DisplayPort doubled the speed of DVI which transmit data at 1.65Gbps each lane.

DisplayPort interface could potentially be a replacement for DVI and LVDS. Samsung claimed that the color smear would not occur despite the high speed data transmission and capable of displaying 1.07bn colors.

The screen features fast 6ms response time and a viewing angle of 180 degrees with 300cd/m2 brightness. Samsung plans to sell DisplayPort equipped LCD TV in 2008 starting with the 30-inch model.

Samsung's 30in DisplayPort TV [via reghardware]

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