Rude Gameware unveils Primal Wireless Headset for Xbox 360

May 7, 2010

There are gobs of companies making hardware and peripherals for console gamers. A new firm has stepped into the market called Rude Gameware and has announced a new wireless headset for the Xbox 360 gamer called the Primal Xbox 360 Headset.

The wireless headset uses digital IR technology to give the gamer a wireless range of 25 feet letting them play in big rooms without having to sit close to the Xbox. The headset also promises no interference with WiFi adapters.

The headset uses 40mm Cobalt magnet Drivers with an impedance of 32 Ohm. Power for the headset is from a pair of AAA batteries and the Primal headset ships in versions using adapters for Europe or the US. Rude also says that the headset works for PCs and the PS3 as well. You can pick up the Primal Wireless Headset for $99.99.

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