Rokland BearExtender n3 WiFi-n adapter promises double-range for Macs

Dec 3, 2009

This press photo is crying out for a caption competition, but this isn't Take a Break magazine so we'll bluster on with the purpose of that perky antenna.  Rokland Technologies' BearExtender n3 is a WiFi 802.11n adapter intended specifically for Macs, and promises four-times the wireless range of your regular MacBook or MacBook Pro.

To be fair, that's four-times the range of the original AirPort WiFi 802.11b card, and around twice the range of the newer AirPort Extreme, but these details will not likely matter too much to you when you're consuming a WiFi connection where previously you couldn't find a signal.  The magic is in the external 2dBi gain antenna, paired with a leggy 700mW WiFi radio.

Also in the box is a nifty metal USB extension cable, and perhaps our favorite part of the whole deal: the manual and installation drivers are supplied on a USB stick, rather than a CD or DVD, and so you can reuse it afterwards.  The Rokland BearExtender n3 is available now, priced at $44.97.


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