Rock Band Unplugged for PSP leaks; Could cause PSP glitches

May 21, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP has leaked, three weeks ahead of the game's official release.  Already to be found on popular torrent sites, the Harmonix title has already been downloaded almost fourteen thousand time according to just one metric.  However, some users are reporting serious issues when playing the illegally-obtained game.

Some gamers have found that their PSP's GAME folder is wiped after the exit the pirated version, while others have reported the same thing happening once the PSP is power cycled.  Meanwhile others are claiming to experience trouble playing music or having their PSP hang unexpectedly since loading Rock Band Unplugged.

Obviously SlashGear does not condone software piracy, and recommends that to avoid any issues with your PSP you wait until Rock Band Unplugged is officially released.  The game will hit shelves on June 9th, priced at $40. 

[via technabob]

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