Gadget Reviews


Nexus 9 Review: The iPad-Killer Blueprint

After a half-year on the market, the Nexus 9 remains one of the finest tablets available from any manufacturer. Like every Nexus device Google has ever offered, the HTC-made Nexus 9 was meant to be a blueprint – a benchmark for all other tablets. What we’ve done here is to take the Nexus 9 through the paces over a period … Continue reading


Review: Lenovo W550s — an ultraportable workstation

Lenovo has been busy rolling out all manner of flexible, slim, and otherwise noteworthy laptops and tablets, but that doesn’t mean it has turned a blind eye to one of its staple offerings: workstations. These laptops are designed for the demanding users among us, those who need a dedicated keypad for cranking out numbers, a large display, and hardware able … Continue reading


Elsa’s Sparking Ice Castle LEGO Review

At long last, LEGO’s mini-dolls collection of brick sets gets its day in the sun with Frozen. Here we’re having a peek at Elsa’s Sparking Ice Castle, a set you’re only going to find in the pink-colored aisle of your local department store’s toy section. While this environment is generally limited to hair salons, restaurants, gardens, houses, and pools, this … Continue reading


Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Review: Surprisingly Good

The device you’re seeing here is not what it seems. While you might have never owned an Alcatel smartphone before – and you might never have even seen one in the wild – they’ve been around for a while. Here, with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, the company has created a device that aims to take out the top tier … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Review

Samsung has a lackluster track record making flagship smartphones with serious lust-appeal. Its plastic-bodied Galaxy range was the Camry trying to play in Mercedes and Audi territory, earnestly ticking the boxes on the spec sheet, but failing to grasp that owners care about a sense of prestige as much they do a roster of the latest functionality. The Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Review

After a few weeks of use, one thing is clear: with the Honor 6 Plus, Huawei isn’t messing around. While this device will not be released internationally* – nor will it be coming to the United States – Huawei has delivered a smartphone that’s worthy of your attention. In the future, we hope, Huawei will be able to continue their … Continue reading


Minecraft Gameband Review

If you’re in the mood for Minecraft and you move from machine to machine on a regular basis, you may want to have a peek at the Gameband + Minecraft. This unit has actually been in “soft release” mode for a few weeks – it first surfaced a few months ago, in fact, but today it’s on blast courtesy of … Continue reading


Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Dome Action Camera Review

The Kodak Pixpro SP360 Action Camera works with the ability to capture photos and video with a spherical lens. The data you capture with this lens can be viewed in a number of ways, the most interesting of these being an immersive virtual reality environment, with half of an orb available to you to capture the world around you. Just … Continue reading