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Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Review

Lenovo is back with another Windows tablet similar to its ThinkPad 8, the aptly-named ThinkPad 10. With this tablet comes a QuickShot cover and screen just as beautiful as its smaller sibling, as well as a couple docking stations, one with and one without a keyboard. To see how the slate and its accessories hold up in everyday usage, read … Continue reading


Lenovo Yoga 2 13 Review

Remember Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro? The company has rolled out a similar model, the Yoga 2 13, featuring the same multi-mode design and similar specs. Aimed at the more casual user, the Yoga 2 13 rests on the foundation set by its higher-res sibling, but does it hold up to the Yoga device standards we’ve come to expect? Read our … Continue reading


MetalBeard’s Sea Cow LEGO set Review

Now that the LEGO Movie is returning to the streets after a short absence – between theaters and its DVD/Blu-ray release – it’s time to bring out the real deal. Here as we devour the digital release of The LEGO Movie, we construct the largest of the LEGO Movie LEGO sets – the largest so far, that is to say. … Continue reading


Amazon Fire Phone review: The shopper’s smartphone

When Amazon wades into a new segment, competitors take note, and few devices have been so nervously anticipated as the Fire Phone. Amazon’s first smartphone doesn’t just put Prime in your pocket, it also pushes the limits of UI, with its quartet of Dynamic Perspective cameras, and computational photography, with Firefly. Ambitious, then, but Jeff Bezos & Co. have seldom … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 635 Review

The Nokia Lumia 635 takes everything that made the Nokia Lumia 520 a winner and gives it a boost. It remains one of the cheapest Windows Phone 8 devices, now coming with Windows Phone 8.1 and the newest Nokia software, along with a look and feel that creates a powerful value proposal. Should you just buy last year’s model on … Continue reading

LG G3 Review

This month we’ve had an extended look at the LG G3 in its international edition, preparing for the USA-bound version(s) which will be launching later this Summer. What we’re seeing here is a phone that out-does the competition while it remains (somehow) humble in the public. It’s not for a lack of trying, of course, but for a lack of … Continue reading


PS4 Double Game Review: TowerFall Ascension and Strider

For a relatively limited time – the rest of this month – those with PlayStation Plus will be able to access two most-excellent games on their PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. Today we’re having a brief look at TowerFall Ascension and Strider – aka the rebirth of a couple of classic genres, if you’d be so kind.


Narrative Clip Review – A wearable camera with context

Can you remember what you were doing last week? How about last month, or a year ago? Life-loggers like Narrative’s Clip promise to make that possible, a wearable camera snapping a photo every thirty seconds and then curating the best moments for you to look back through. The Swedish start-up took Kickstarter by storm back in late 2012, and has … Continue reading


AirFrame+ review: the car mount that can handle any phone

Android devices (and probably the iPhone, too) are getting larger, and that’s not a trend that will cease any time soon. Finding a mount for your car that can accommodate your girthy smartphone may not be easy. So many still cater to smaller phones, but an update to the popular Airframe changes that. The new Airframe+ will hang onto your … Continue reading