Gadget Reviews


Nexus 9 Review: The iPad-Killer Blueprint

After a half-year on the market, the Nexus 9 remains one of the finest tablets available from any manufacturer. Like every Nexus device Google has ever offered, the HTC-made Nexus 9 was meant to be a blueprint – a benchmark for all other tablets. What we’ve done here is to take the Nexus 9 through the paces over a period … Continue reading


Lenovo ThinkPad X250 Review – a subtle but solid update

The Lenovo X240’s older sibling has arrived, and it is aptly named the Lenovo X250. Many of the previous model’s design choices have carried over into the model, but as always the update brings with it, you know, updates for a slightly more modern world. The X250 is a relatively compact laptop with a rugged design and, perhaps the best … Continue reading


Xbox One TV Tuner Review

The following review is of two devices, combined making the Xbox One capable of running over-the-air digital TV. The first item is the Hauppauge digital TV Tuner for Xbox One. The second is the Mohu Leaf 50 antenna. These two devices are what’s needed to pick up TV – if you’re not about to pay cash for your local major … Continue reading


LG G4 Review – The hero Android needs

Life’s not so good when you’re stuck in the shadow of a big rival with deep pockets, but if anything can drag LG into the sunlight, it’s the new G4. LG’s flagship Android smartphone for 2015, the G4 takes what we loved about the G3 before it – and made it into the Android-to-have among those in the know – … Continue reading

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Review: Surprisingly Good

The device you’re seeing here is not what it seems. While you might have never owned an Alcatel smartphone before – and you might never have even seen one in the wild – they’ve been around for a while. Here, with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, the company has created a device that aims to take out the top tier … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Review

Samsung has a lackluster track record making flagship smartphones with serious lust-appeal. Its plastic-bodied Galaxy range was the Camry trying to play in Mercedes and Audi territory, earnestly ticking the boxes on the spec sheet, but failing to grasp that owners care about a sense of prestige as much they do a roster of the latest functionality. The Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading



If Nexus Player was Android TV’s trailer, NVIDIA SHIELD is the platform’s first big blockbuster. This piece of hardware exemplifies all of the high points of NVIDIA’s hardware history, taking the Android TV operating system to a place that not only shows off everything Google’s done, but adds on features that make this environment even better. In NVIDIA SHIELD you’ll … Continue reading


Samsung NX500 Review – the TARDIS of cameras

Is a bigger camera necessarily better? Or, put a different way, does a big sensor need to have a big body wrapped around it? Samsung would argue no, and the NX500 is its evidence. Distilling much of the NX1 into a form-factor only slightly larger than a point-and-shoot, it’s 28.2-megapixels of interchangeable lens camera with a 4K video recording bonus. … Continue reading


Mophie Watch Dock for Apple Watch Review

Splash out $10k+ on an Apple Watch Edition and the gold-plated wearable’s box doubles as a charging dock; the rest of us have to look elsewhere. Mophie waded in with its Watch Dock back in April, a $60 stand promising to elevate your wrist jewelry with the same sort of style that Apple might reserve for its own hardware. Having … Continue reading