Refrigerated Docking Station – Perfect for both people that overclock their laptops

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 21, 2007
Refrigerated Docking Station – Perfect for both people that overclock their laptops

How many of you have ever tried overclocking your system? I wouldn't be surprised if there were quite a few of you, after all, it's pretty easy to do these days, many motherboards come bundled with software that needs only gentle prodding to crank things up. All you need is a little extra cooling and you're set. Here's the real question though, how many of you have tried to overclock your laptop? Anyone?

If you have, then you're a brave soul. Laptops are designed to pack as much hardware into a confined space as possible This of course means that things can get quite toasty on the inside, which isn't great for it. However, most of the time the heat only gets bad enough to singe your leg hairs. Now if you go pumping more juice into your CPU, you've got a good chance of frying it. Unless you have a Refrigerated Docking Station that is.

This Refrigerated Docking Station was created through a joint effort between Embraco and Intel. It uses the smallest miniature compressor available to cool air before it flows into the bottom of the laptop. The cooler can reduce the temperature of a laptop by 41%.

Refrigerated Docking Station

I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask how many people are really going to use this. It's a dock, so you're not going to be taking it with you. Are you just going to redo your overclocked settings every time you take your laptop somewhere? What if you forget and end up frying it? If you're only going to overclock it at home, why not just save the $150 on the cooler and the extra money you'll spend on a super beefy laptop and make a decent gaming rig at home. I'm pretty sure that the price would balance out, and you would get much better performance.

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