Razer Orca Headphones Threaten to Bring Together Hardcore Gamers and Music Enthusiasts

Aug 11, 2010

Apparently, if you're a hardcore gamer, you've been missing out on the whole music scene that's been going around for a little while now. And, if you're a music enthusiast, you've completely skipped over this whole video game thing, obviously in an effort to better yourself. But! Thanks to Razer, a company previously focused solely on the gaming market, you can rest easy, as they've just announced their Orca headphones.

According to the company, this is their foray into the lifestyle audio world. Furthermore, the company designed the Orca headphones to focus on comfort and audio quality first and foremost, but also give the ability for gamers to enjoy them in their mindless fun, and then take them out into the world without sacrificing sound or comfort. And then there's that Razer neon green color, which will either attract plenty of people, or make them run away with their eyes covered by their hands.

The Orca headphones are meant for the European region only, at first, with the company announcing that the headphones will appear in the market some time in the third quarter of this year. They'll be priced at about 60 Euros, or £50. No word on an international release quite yet, but we can imagine that seeing these green headphones around here in the next few months won't surprise us at all.

[via TechRadar]

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